A groundbreaking platform and collaborative workspace providing the
world’s first unique environment for all music creators to excel. Here you can
create, be heard, seen, and connect globally. Get ready to run and
accelerate your career – at your fingertips.


Our workspace and community will enable you and your fellow creators to expand your creative output, reach, network – administer your data, rights, career, and maximize the financial outcome. This will set new standards for how you as a music creator can run your “business” with a simple, intuitive, yet super powerful interface.

This will CHANGE your GAMEPLAY forever!

Carved by creatives – powered by awesome technology.


The one-stop shop for you as a creator to succeed with ease. Sparwk is not only tech, although we love all that stuff: we’re building a versatile community-driven platform YOUR CREATIVE UNIVERSE fixing pretty much every problem in the music biz.

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Here at SPARWK we are developing a creative relationship between ourselves and you, which is why we call you our “partner”.

At SPARWK we are dedicated to the highest standards, and to give “our partners” the best possible opportunities available in the global entertainment industry.

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At our offices in Trondheim, Oslo, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York, Banja Luka and Seoul we have gathered some of the most visionary and clever minds to venture unchartered territory. We are building the SPARWK Passport (mobile application) and the SPARWK Metaverse, the next-generation platform that enables true global collaboration and empowers you as a creator with state-of-the-art tools.

Robin Jenssen

CEO & Founder

Jin Suk Choi

President & Founder

Peter Vukovic

Peter Vukovic

Chief Technology Officer

Stein Bjelland

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Herbie Crichlow

Director of Creator Services

Dr. Beici Liang

Research Engineer

Dahee Christina Chung

Business Development Manager

Nenad Ponjevic

Product Designer

Anne Judith Wik

Equality & Diversity Officer

Thuy Tien Nguyen

Marketing Manager

Sondre Jenssen

Administrative Services Manager

Kristin Langseth

Public Relations Manager

Siv Marit Egseth

Creative- & SoMe Manager

Christer Jenssen

Head of Analytics


Niclas Anker

Stanislava Armoutlieva

Ronny Svendsen

Nermin Harambasic

Che Pope

Che Pope


It takes a lot of good friends to change the world. These companies and organizations all share the same vision of change and innovation, with the unified goal of providing a sustainable ecosystem for creators.




Creativity is the force that foster innovation and define our DNA. Our creativity is the spark that inspire and manifest the true potential to make dreams become reality. Our purpose is to expand the creative universe with boundless possibilities, fuel individual and collective growth.


Our integrity ground the shared human experience while respecting universal diversity and equality.


Our ecosystem create, deliver, and bolster value for all stakeholders without depleting the natural economic and social capital it relies on. We always interact and participate with good intent by creating a sustainable business ecosystem for everyone.


We promote honesty, openness and fairness. Being accountable and transparent is our moral and ethical compass.

Robin Jenssen

There is a vast amount of time, effort and money wasted on manual labour between the different stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

SPARWK is your new creative home that provides automated workflow and connects all the stakeholders on one platform.

Jin Suk Choi

SPARWK is introducing a unique Smart Matching and Recommender System powered by our own A.I. Engine and Graph database.

This will enhance the way all stakeholders communicate and collaborate on our cloud-based digital platform by leveraging the relationship between billions of data points every single day.