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Carved by creatives

At our offices in Trondheim, Oslo, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York, Banja Luka and Seoul we have gathered some of the most visionary and clever minds to venture unchartered territory.

We are building the SPARWK Passport (mobile application) and the SPARWK Metaverse, the next-generation platform that enables true global collaboration and empowers you as a creator with state-of-the-art tools.
Stefan Kajkut
Lead Back-End Developer
Nikola Bunic
Back-End Developer
Danijel Predojevic
Back-End Developer
Milan Susnjar
Lead Mobile Developer
Milan Blaz
Mobile Developer
Goran Jakovljevic
Lead Web Developer
Dusko Stojanovic
Project Manager
Niclas Anker
Founder, DecKid Entertainment
Stanislava Armoutlieva
CEO, Virginia Records and Animato Music Publishing
Ronny Svendsen
Co-Founder and Producer, Dsign Music
Ché Pope
Grammy Winning Multi Platinum

Advisory board

We’re hiring!

Join our global team - and help build the next-generation platform for the music industry.



We are introducing a unique Smart Matching and Recommender System powered by our own AI Engine as well as State-of-the-Art Audio Technology and Semantic Web.


SPARWK will enhance global communication and collaboration by leveraging the relationship between billions of data points created daily.

Jin Suk Choi
President & Founder

"There is a vast amount of time, effort and money lost to manual labour in the creative industries.


The SPARWK Metaverse is your new creative home, providing automated workflow and connecting all stakeholders in one place."

Robin Jenssen
CEO & Founder


Development team

Robin Jenssen
CEO & Founder
Jin Suk Choi
President & Founder
Pål Bråtelund
Chief Operating Officer
Peter Vukovic
Chief Technology Officer
Stein Bjelland
Director of Strategic
Herbie Crichlow
Director of Creator Services
Dr. Beici Liang
Research Engineer
Dahee Christina Chung
Business Development
Nenad Ponjevic
Product Designer
Anne Judith Wik
Equality & Diversity Officer
Thuy Tien Nguyen
Marketing Manager
Sondre Jenssen
Administrative Services Manager
Kristin Langseth
Public Relations Manager
Siv Marit Egseth
Creative and Social Media
Christer Jenssen
Head of Analytics
Ana Clara Alves Ribeiro
Intellectual Property Manager
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