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Biometric Data Policy

Last updated: November 29, 2022

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Please read this document carefully. It concerns your legal rights with respect to the collection, use and storage of your biometric data.


You have been advised and you understand that SPARWK AS (“SPARWK”) will collect, store and process your biometric data for the purposes of verifying your identity to have access to our SPARWK PASSPORT and SPARWK METAVERSE; of preventing and combating any eventual frauds regarding your individual registration in these spaces.


This process involves scanning and detecting your facial geometry and fingerprint.


SPARWK uses a third party to conduct this process, Onfido. Only Onfido and SPARWK will have access to your biometric data, and will keep it stored for as long as you maintain your registration within SPARWK’s spaces above described, unless a longer period is allowed under applicable laws.


You understand that the collection, storage, and processing of your biometric data are required in order for SPARWK to perform its SERVICES, and for Onfido to process the identity check that enables SPARWK’s SERVICES. 


You acknowledge that you have carefully read the SPARWK PRIVACY POLICY, as well as Onfido Facial Scan Policy and Release, Onfido Privacy Policy, and Onfido Terms of Service,  and that you agree with them.


You further acknowledge and consent that we collect, store, and process your biometric data, as described above. 


By clicking the “Accept” button in our APP, you are expressing your agreement with this POLICY, including Onfido’s POLICIES.


You acknowledge that your consent is given freely, informedly, and unequivocally.

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