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SPARWK is looking for a qualified database engineer who can create and maintain SQL and Graph databases. We are primarily looking for someone who can work full time, but we can also offer part-time and consulting assignments for the right person. You will work as part of a larger international team, and report directly to the team leader in Trondheim.

We are developing a new global music work database that will handle large amounts of information and you will be involved in designing and maintaining our database systems. Specific job tasks will vary and depend on the different modules in the system.


  • Primarily focus on the design, development, and administration on graph / relational databases.

  • Demonstrated professional experience working with Cypher.

  • Good knowledge of at least one of databases: Graph (Preferred), PostgreSQL, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of incorporating spatial and time series data in a graph environment

  • Experience developing APIs (REST, GraphQL).

  • Experience working in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

  • Data coding – write and review data codes to design high-performance database systems, support programs and to debug all systems.

  • Problem solving – look for potential problems in the database, and work to solve these problems before and after they occur.

  • Database maintenance – create new and maintain existing programs to ensure that they can handle the flow of traffic and the amount of data stored in the database.

  • Design of new databases – based on modules, storage needs, and number of users who have access to the database.

  • Monitor databases and systems – continuous monitoring of our databases and related systems to ensure high functionality.

  • Scripting – create new support programs and scripts for databases to increase data storage capacity and fix existing problems.

  • Troubleshooting – reviewing codes and databases to look for potential issues affecting database functionality and related database programs.

  • Review reports – daily, weekly and monthly reports, including user reports and system information, to detect issues and ensure that all databases and support systems operate at the highest levels.

  • Attention to detail – fine-grained code lines to detect potential error-causing problems and possible problems with database security and storage capacity.

  • Programming languages – we operate in most programming languages, including python and Java.

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field of study.

  • Optimally, at least five years of previous work experience in database development. Additional education such as a master’ degree can replace work experience with education.


  • You are willing to learn new things when needed.

  • You are self-driven, and flexible.

  • You are a good employee and welcome constructive feedback when needed.

  • You have a positive attitude and a strong commitment to deliver quality work.

  • You are able to work in a team to ensure the best possible progress.


  • Work on the launch of a new global platform for the music industry.

  • Work with inclusive, committed, and skilled colleagues with strong interdisciplinary expertise.

  • A work environment that values colleagues’ initiative and participation.

  • Great personal development opportunities.

  • A varied working day with freedom and flexibility.

  • A position in one of the industry’s most innovative and passionate companies.

  • Creative and interesting work tasks.

  • Attractive conditions.


Please send us your CV, portfolio, cover letter and other relevant information, including a list of three references.

Answer the following questions:

  • How can your experience and competence solve tasks related to the available position?

  • Why do you think this position suits you?

  • What do you bring to the company that is unique?

All inquiries and questions regarding the available position and recruitment process should be directed to:

Relevant candidates will be contacted for individual job interview and the right person will be hired when found. Please apply as soon as possible.


SPARWK is a Norwegian music tech company with offices located in Trondheim, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Banja Luka and Seoul.

The SPARWK product line consist of the SPARWK Passport (mobile application), SPARWK Metaverse (web3) and the SPARWK Wallet (transactions). All SPARWK products utilize our advanced A.I. Engine backed by blockchain-based technologies and personalized NFT’s. The primary function at SPARWK is to streamline and automate the workflow between all stakeholders, and to improve the working collaboration and specialization within all aspects of the creative industries.

SPARWK is a neutral and non-disruptive partner, complementing the existing infrastructure by introducing a sustainable business ecosystem called the SPARWK Metaverse. This includes a unified global works database providing precise metadata of all existing works from conception through to “public domain” in one decentralized location.

The main focus at SPARWK is to amplify, protect and restore the social, economic and cultural value of music, by safeguarding the global creative IP Rights, based on Nordic core values. Our moral and ethical obligation is to help reduce cost and maximize revenues by facilitating export and exploitation. Maintaining our commitment to fulfil the UN Global Compact goals and Science Based Target Initiatives is of paramount importance to SPARWK.

SPARWK seeks to close the value gap and restore the trust between all stakeholders, thus helping to upgrade and save our creative universe.

How to Apply

Send an email to with your introduction and resume attached.


As soon as possible




This is a fulltime position.

Database Engineer

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